At UCS, we have created a space in the society not just as a leading Credit Management Group, but also as an organization that ‘cares’ for the community. Our CSR initiatives reinforce us as a socially-responsible and value-based organisation, committed to making the world a better place to live in.


Our CSR endeavours aim to impact positively, the quality of life of people with a special focus on ‘Children’, the future of our Country.


  1. Supporting the holistic development of children and adults with ‘Special Needs’: UCS strongly feels that individuals with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Dyslexia or ADHD etc. can excel in life with special care, love and guidance. With awareness and intervention, we strive to make the world a more inclusive place for them.
  • UCS has partnered with Action For Autism for assessment, special education, employment and independent living of children and adults with Special Needs. UCS also provides for free of cost vocational training and inclusive education because when surrounded with their fully functioning peers, they are exposed to diversity, develop friendships and improve interpersonal skills. It also helps to develop acceptance and inclusion among the other students.
  • UCS partnered with Global Institute for Childhood Disability to undertake free of cost therapies like Physiotherapy, Sense Integration Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy etc. for underprivileged children with Cerebral Palsy, Autism and similar disabilities.
  1. Promoting Healthcare: UCS partnered with Children’s Liver Foundation to promote awareness on prevention and cure of increasing liver ailments among children. The families are supported by facilitating surgeries, medicines, consultation with doctors, providing financial and logistics support and counselling.
  2. Urban Slum Development and Women Empowerment: UCS partnered with Asmita Trust who have adopted the slums of Mumbai and are transforming the same through education, skill development, providing medical care and empowering housewives by helping them set their small businesses to increase household income.
  1. Disaster Relief: UCS came forward to help the people of Kerala during the flood relief operations and rebuilding.


Our initiatives are in partnership with leading non-profit institutions of repute. If you wish to support these causes, you may directly get in touch with them:

  1. Action For Autism – AFA (http://www.autism-india.org): Action for Autism has pioneered the autism movement in South Asia and strives to access the rights of individuals with autism and their families. AFA is involved in lifespan activities including early intervention, special education, assessments, work and employment, independent living, as well as awareness, advocacy and research.

Mission: To facilitate an inclusive environment that enables the empowerment of persons with autism and their families, and to act as a catalyst for change that enables persons with autism to live as fully participating members of the community.

  1. Global Institute for Childhood Disability – GICD (http://www.gicdamritsar.org): GICD provides free of cost therapies and special education to children with Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities from a marginalized community. Thousands of children have benefitted by treatment from their OPD Centre which is run from the house of the Founder.

Mission: Our mission is to assist people with disabilities, regardless of their physical, mental and spiritual well-being to lead an independent life and pursue their aspirations.

  1. Asmita Trust (www.asmitatrust.org): Asmita provides Facilities and Guidance to the Underprivileged People of the society by taking up activities in social, cultural and educational areas. Asmita’s projects today touches the lives of a few thousand families living in the area.

Mission: is to develop and provide evidence-based social, cultural and educational services that assess knowledge and skills, promote learning and educational performance, meeting the needs of society, families and individuals – the confident new generation who will work for building powerful developed Nation called Bharat.

  1. Children’s Liver Foundation– CLF (http://childrenliverindia.org):

CLF was formed by a group of medicos and professionals who set up this foundation to primarily create awareness about paediatric liver disease amongst medical professionals and the public. This includes post-diagnostic measures as well as supporting preventive measures.


The CSR Committee comprises of:

  1. Pankaj Sachdeva, Founder & Managing Director
  2. Sahil Bhatia, Director Legal
  3. Lakshay Sachdeva, Director

Every year, the CSR Committee will place for the Board’s approval, a CSR Plan delineating the CSR Programmes to be carried out during the financial year and the specified budgets thereof. The CSR Committee will also monitor the CSR Policy and Projects regularly.

CSR Committee has appointed Avad India CSR Advisory Services LLP for an end to end CSR Consultancy and monitoring of CSR activities.