UCS provides value by delivering timely and accurate data with worldwide coverage. We offer competitive low prices and easy-to-read reports.

Using a Company Credit Report helps protect your business from the threat of bad debt. You can use credit reports to help you make informed business decisions in relation to who you should be doing business with, reducing your exposure to risk and protecting your cash flow.

We highlight creditworthiness through our credit scoring – score in red advises you to be cautious and request a cash payment; amber suggests that you negotiate short payment terms; and green gives you a positive credit decision. Our credit rating provides a score of 1-100, plus a credit limit for that company is given alongside the rating.

Yes. You can request a free sample report by emailing your request to info@ucs-mail.com

We are empanelled by all leading credit insurers and our reports are well accepted across the globe. As an approved source it means that policy holders can use our recommended credit limits and integrate this into their discretionary policy limit or at a level advised by their credit insurance underwriter.

Yes ! your company rating may change if we have additional Information. Kindly share your company information that you think will help us to understand your business affairs better and do an accurate assessment. Please email your information to info@ucs-mail.com

A financial statement is the best indicator of a company's financial strength. UCS relies heavily on the financial statement to derive scores and ratings. Supplying minimum financial data will be sufficient for us to calculate scores and ratings; however, to ensure we most accurately portray your company's credit strength, it is highly recommended you provide full financial details. Failure to provide this data may cause our report to not fully reflect your business’ financial strength.

Financial Statements may be emailed to us at creditreport@ucs-mail.com

The address listed on the Company Credit Report is the registered/ Operating address for the business and you may have the address of their Factory/warehouse etc.

The cost of International reports will vary depending on the country. To know more about our international reports, kindly contact us at creditreport@ucs-mail.com

An online report is a database report and is available to you instantly and helps you to take immediate credit decision. An offline report is freshly investigated and contains updated information.