At UCS, we have created a space in the society not just as a leading Credit Management Group, but also as an organization that ‘cares’ for the community. Our CSR initiatives reinforce us as a socially-responsible and value-based organisation, committed to making the world a better place to live in..


Intellectually Differently-able Children:

  • Sheltered Workspace cum Vocational Centre: Based on confidence in potential of every individual, the vocational centre will enable adults with autism to develop their work skills to the best of their ability. This will also enable them to earn a living and live with dignity.
  • Sports for Autism: Autistic and Differently-abled children lack specialized sports training leading to poor fitness levels. Incorporating sports into their life helps to improve fine motor skills, social interaction and team work along with improving their overall health.
  • Therapeutic equipment: UCS has sponsored equipment used for Occupational and Sensory Therapy to make them self-dependent and improve hand eye co-ordination.


  • Merit Scholarships: UCS enables meritorious underprivileged children to have better education by sponsoring their school fee for higher studies.
  • After School Support: UCS supports slow learning students by providing them Counsellors and Special Educators in order to cop up with the rest of the class.


  • Paediatric Liver Diseases: UCS supports the medical research for paediatric liver diseases and works with partner NGO to create awareness about treatment measures for fatal infections and diseases.

Animal Welfare:

  • UCS supported the nutrition of old, abandoned and sick animals in a shelter home to improve their health conditions and nurturing.


  • Action For Autism – AFA (http://www.autism-india.org): Action for Autism has pioneered the autism movement in South Asia and strives to access the rights of individuals with autism and their families. AFA is involved in lifespan activities including early intervention, special education, assessments, work and employment, independent living, as well as awareness, advocacy and research.


  • Global Institute for Childhood Disability – (http://www.gicdamritsar.org): GICD provides free of cost therapies and special education to children with Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities from a marginalized community. Thousands of children have benefitted by treatment from their OPD Centre which is run from the house of the Founder.


  • Asmita Trust (www.asmitatrust.org): Asmita provides Facilities and Guidance to the Underprivileged People of the society by taking up activities in social, cultural and educational areas. Asmita’s projects today touches the lives of a few thousand families living in the area.


CLF was formed by a group of medicos and professionals who set up this foundation to primarily create awareness about paediatric liver disease amongst medical professionals and the public. This includes post-diagnostic measures as well as supporting preventive measures.


Ashish Foundation works to serve children and adults by providing holistic education and support to children with disabilities and their families so that these children can achieve their God-given potential. They work on building awareness within the community along with making them self sufficient so that the community not only accepts them but also includes them as part of the society.


Roshni Education Society runs a primary school by the name Gyaneshwar Bal Vidhyalaya to provide education to the underprivileged children. It also admits them to other senior schools and provides scholarship for their further studies.


ACGS has an animal sanctuary that provides medical / nutritional care and a happy forever home to old, abandoned and sick animals who cannot survive on their own.



Avad India CSR Advisory Services LLP: http://avadindia.org/

In order to ensure effective and efficient utilization of funds and impactful project design, it is imperative to find the right implementation partner and institute a transparent monitoring mechanism. UCS has appointed an independent firm to manage the CSR initiatives and report regularly.


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