Unified Credit Solutions (UCS) provides International Debt Collection services in Cambodia. Debt collection is a taxing process and requires a lot of time, energy, and persistence. Being in the business of International Debt Recovery, we have helped companies in debt collection in a structured manner. Our decades of experience in this business have helped companies in hassle-free debt recovery in Cambodia. Debt Collection Agency

UCS endeavors to perform proper due diligence and financial fraud investigation to assess the probability of success and decide on a firm course of action. Our debt recovery approach in Cambodia is tailored from debtor to debtor depending upon the dynamics of the case.

We provide quality debt collection services across the globe and have worked with international clients for the past three decades. We perform continual due diligence, improvisations, and leverage technology to our advantage to meet our collection objectives. While performing our job of debt recovery, we maintain an amicable relationship with the debtors keeping in mind the long-term business relationship that our clients may have with the debtors.