International Debt Collection is a part of a host of services provided by Unified Credit Solutions (UCS) and we help our global clients with debt collection in UAE.

We understand that debt collection is a stressful process and we being in the business of debt collection help companies with debt recovery in a professional and process-oriented manner. Our decades of experience in this business helps us assess genuine cash flow problems as against excuses for deferring payment. We follow a time tested principle of negotiation and are courteous, yet firm, in our methods of collection.

UCS endeavours to perform proper due diligence and financial fraud investigation to assess the probability of success and decide on a firm course of action.

Our approach towards collection is tailored from debtor to debtor depending upon the dynamics of the case. We move with alacrity with a focused and pragmatic debt collection approach and thus have a high rate of success with debt recovery in Dubai, UAE. At the same time, we try to provide an honest and transparent assessment of the probability of success to our clients. 

Debt Collection Agency in UAE

We provide quality debt collection services across the globe and have worked with international clients for the past three decades. We perform continual due diligence, improvisations, and leverage technology to our advantage to meet our collection objectives. While performing our job of debt recovery, we maintain an amicable relationship with the debtors keeping in mind the long-term business relationship that our clients may have with the debtors.

Though we endeavour to collect debt amicably, we keep the options of legal actions open by leveraging our network of lawyers in multiple geographies.

While our International Debt Collection Agency has a stronger presence in Asia and the Middle East, we have representation through our trusted partners in over 214 countries. Our track record of higher debt recovery rates and experience of dealing with a myriad of cases has earned us a reputation for recoveries in jurisdiction and situations where most others have failed. 

We take the utmost care to maintain the data privacy and confidentiality of our clients’ cases and data in line with our company’s core philosophy.