For any company debt collection is a major challenge when the debtor delays the payment or dodge the payment reminders. The job becomes even tougher if the debtors are overseas and the trials to claim have failed multiple times by the users. There needs an expert company like us to step in and proceed for making the whole process profitable without losing on time and money. The difference in customs rules of the local governments would make the clients lose grip on the debtors and miss out on the money they should get. Also, the local courts, jurisdictions, lawyers support is immensely needed for the companies to go through all the hectic procedures. Along with it, one has to deal with the different currency rates, exchange rates, bank fees which would act as barriers for proper communication between the client and the debtor.

INTERNATIONAL DEBT RECOVERY SERVICES AFRICABelonging to the UCS group, we carry out international Debt collection services all over the world. Our services are specialized for debt collection in Africa, thanks to the expert ground people we have in the region. Several clients across the globe and the region trust us for our high success rate and reliable services. We work on the basis of no success no fees method where the client needs not pay to us if we fail to collect the debt. This is the level of confidence we have on our expertise and operating methodology of debt collection. Also, comparatively our collection commission is far lower than any of the leading brands of debt recovery services. We lead our debt collection teams with highly experienced people. We are spread across many countries and have hundreds of clients trusting our services worldwide.

We have a huge priority towards saving client’s data and keeping the information confidential with us. We respect their privacy and take all measures to safeguard the information of the client while we work for them. Although debt collection is a process filled with a lot of struggle, we ensure that ethics are maintained all throughout. We proceed gradually in making the debtors listen to us and agree to make payments completely. Unless it is required we won’t go for strict measures, like going for court or going for legal actions. We analyse the whole situation and bring a proper conclusion to the issue. We ensure that healthy relations between client and the debtor is maintained for future endeavours between both the parties.