Trust is good – Solvency check is better.

It is not unheard for a business to order goods while in bankruptcy.

Offering attractive credit terms may increase your competitiveness but it will also expose you to higher credit risks.

To minimize the risk and turn it into a positive business advantage, offer credit only to the worthy. Knowing a customer or prospect’s long term business viability and staying informed of any changes in their status is critical. It’s a commercial imperative.

An unparalleled network across 214 countries, the best knowledge management systems in use allow us to collate quick, accurate and reliable information from a myriad of sources and compile most comprehensive company credit repots and customized business information reports which are trustworthy tools in mitigating trade risks.

UCS’s information solution can help to turn information into insight to develop conclusive, fact-based strategies that will help you to gain a competitive edge and transform your enterprise into a nimble, customer-focused, more profitable business. UCS Provide best information services in India, UAE, Europe, And Africa.

Business Information Reports are your best tools to assess creditworthiness and financial health of your customer, supplier or as a matter of fact, anyone who you have an interest in.

A very popular and useful product, ideal for those extending short term trade/business credit and is a complete package in itself. You can establish your credit terms, evaluate distributors, agents, buyers and suppliers, determine profitability and analyze your potential customers.  Want to consult and analyze your IT business? Visit UCS-IT Services!

Our reports have become a standard while evaluating risk in B2B transactions. Above all, Our UCS team supports in Organizing the data, Helping them to take best decision and how to stay ahead in market.

Typically a BIR contains: Incorporation Details, Registered /Business address, Line of Business / Activity, History of Business, Details of Director(s) /Principal Officer(s), Number of Employees, Banking details, Structure/Share Holding / Full Description of Business Operation /Locations / Trading Terms / References / Litigation Search / Financials that generally contain Abridged Balance Sheet and P/L Account /Scientifically evaluated Credit Rating / Limit / Country outlook etc.